Margin poles

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Daiwa Daiwa

Daiwa Yank and Bank PoleDaiwa Yank and Bank Pole Daiwa Yank n Bank Its predecessor was a UK best seller This new, ... [more]£225.00

MIddy MIddy

MIddy Shock Stick Margin Fishing PoleMIddy Shock Stick Margin Fishing Pole Middy Shock Stikk Package With a mighty 22 elastic rating the Shock Stikk ... [more]£59.99

Maver Maver

Maver Abyss X-series 9.5m PoleMaver Abyss X-series 9.5m Pole Following the massive success of the Abyss, comes the Abyss X series. A technical ... [more]£59.99

Shimano Shimano

Shimano Beast Master 4m Margin Extreme PoleShimano Beast Master 4m Margin Extreme Pole The Beast Master Margin Extreme is designed for ultra hard carp fishing for larger ... [more]£39.99
Shimano Beast Master 850B Margin Pole 8.5mShimano Beast Master 850B Margin Pole 8.5m This super slim 8.5m pole designed for margin fishing when targeting the largest of ... [more]£169.99

Drennan Drennan

Drennan RX Carp Red Range 13m PoleDrennan RX Carp Red Range 13m Pole We believe the Red Range RX Carp sets new standards for a great value pole ... [more]£365.00