Korda Intellieant Backleads

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RRP: £4.60
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ULTRA LOW FRICTION RUN RING - Slides down the line easier than the competition - this means it doesn't stop on the line when sliding it out into the margins. Low friction also greatly improves bite indication. It is also far less likely to end up around the rod tip during the fight.
SPECIAL OPENING IN THE RUN RING - It is easy to get on the line even in the dark. Simply run the line up the stem and it will click into the ring. Because the inner edge of the ring is very smooth it is hard for the line to get back out so the leads don't fall off while playing a fish.

  • Available in 2 sizes, 1oz and 1.5oz
  • Easily glides down line
  • Anti snag design
  • Most effective over flat bottoms