REUBEN HEATON Reuben Heaton Sports Scales

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RRP: £63.99
Our Price: £55.99

A high performance digital scale, the 7000 standard capacity and resolution scale is ideal for specimen and general anglers alike.

It is capable of weighing specimen fish, and performing to high standards.

Fifty weight memory is standard.

New software design ensures a long battery life, and dual power source allows battery change without memory loss.

Suitable for individual or club use for matches where weights need to be retained. 

Barford Lakes now use these scales for all their match events and have found weighing in a much quicker and easier process.

Max weight 30Kg or 66lb   d = 25g   d = 1oz  

    * High impact polycarbonate body
    * Stainless steel hook and hang point
    * Stainless steel fixings
    * Large LCD display
    * Power saving active backlight system
    * Waterproof
    * Shockproof
    * Overload protection
    * Dual power source
    * Fifty weight memory
    * Long battery life
    * After sales support