Korda Kruiser Surface Controller

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The Kruiser really does excel. Firstly the float will not dive deeply below the surface, spooking your quarry while on the cast, tangles are virtually non existent.

The Kruiser sits upright in the traditional ‘skittle style’ and utilised his Hydro Dynamic Technology (HDT) which calculates the exact amount of air required to balance the plastic material used for the body.

This means that the Kruiser contains no added lead or weight of any kind and yet casts brilliantly. Innovatively, the line enters the Kruiser via an aperture at the top which aids casting and helps to reduce tangles. A size 11 ring swivel which connects your hooklink and mainline is perfectly gripped by the small silicone sleeve that fits into the port on the side of the float.

Available in 3 sizes,

  • 10g
  • 15g
  • 20g

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