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The newest, safest pole pots available!

The new Frenzee Soft Pots come in 3 different sizes. Different to the other commercially designed pots as they are built around a rubber compound. It’s not only the material that differs however as these have been designed with several problem solving aspects in mind. Over time tip sections become weak and can even break at the point where pole mounted pots are fastened. Typical winter days where cold hands push these pots down the sections too far can all too often lead to cracking and splitting, ultimately a very costly days fishing!

Not anymore! Frenzee have used a pole friendly material in the production of these pots. They have a ‘split bore’ running through the base of the pot where they attach to the pole. Quite simply squeeze the sides of the soft pot to open the cavity bore (the base of the pot will open, very much like a peg). It’s then a case of simply putting this cavity on the pole at the required position and letting go! The 2 open arms will then close around the tip section gripping the pole. There are some huge advantages for these Soft pots, some of which are:


  • No possibilities of any kind of damage to your pole tips
  • Rubber compound which grips the carbon to hold it firmly in place
  • Easy to use, squeeze and they self-clip on.
  • Can be pulled off with ease, again no damage to the pole section.
  • Will fit any tip section of pole
  • 3 different sizes for various amounts of bait.
  • Light weight
  • Rubber compound actually grips the bait to stop spillage.

Avaliable in;

  •  Large (3) in packet
  • Mixed (1 of each) size of small medium and large, as shown in picture. 

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