KORUM Feeder Fishing Starter Kit

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Feeder Fishing Kit Includes:

  • 10ft Elements Feeder Rod -This three-piece rod is perfect for small lakes and capable of landing carp, tench, bream and roach.
  • 3000 Rear Drag Reel pre-loaded with 6lb line - This reel has a superb drag and plenty of winding power. An incredible first reel for any angler.
  • Nylon carry bag for rod and reel - Enables you to carry your Club Korum tackle to the bank with ease.
  • Club Korum tackle box - The perfect storage for all your fishing tackle
  • 3 x Open-end feeders - These are great for fishing with groundbait and pellets
  • 3 x Maggot feeders - Primarily used to deliver maggots around your hook
  • 4 x Quick Change Beads - Enables the quick changing of your rigs
  • 4 x Feedabeads - Allows you to change the size of your feeder easily
  • 2 x Hook to nylon - Ready tied rigs so you can start fishing right away
  • Disgorger small & large - These help with unhooking deeper-hooked fish