Preston Off Box XS Feeder Arm

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RRP: £29.99
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  • Keeping everything to hand when fishing is important and anglers have many different preferences. With Off Box range of side trays, baitwaiters and groundbait bowls you can be sure there is something to suit your personal choice. All products fit all boxes with the use of the correct insert.
  • All Off Box Accessories come with a Square Insert and a Space Station Insert, additional colour coded inserts for all other leg systems can be purchased separately.

XS Feeder Arm

  • Designed around a new clamp style knuckle, the XS Feeder Arm can be fitted below the frame of your seat box, or below other accessories. The two fixing points make this arm the most stable we have produced, whilst still remaining infinitely adjustable. The inner tube is D sectioned in profile to completely eliminate any rotation on the arm. Complete with a full range of inserts to enable it to be used on most popular seat boxes.
  • The XS Feeder Arm measures 1.4m/55inch when fully extended.