Korda Eazi Stick 20MM Throwing Stick

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RRP: £15.50
Our Price: £15.50

Korda Eazi-Stick 20mm Features:

  • Ultra Slim Handle
  • 8 Inch Handle Grip
  • For Boilies Up To 20mm

The Ultimate Throwing Stick

Made from polycarbonate plastic the Eazi Stick is incredibly light making baiting effortless in the process. The 20cm Ultra slim handle in a broken textured rubberised finish allows a firm grip and stops the stick twisting in your hand during throwing action. The handle is 8 inches long so can be used with either a one or two handed grip.

The slim handle also reduces fatigue in the arm when throwing out large amounts of boilies in short or long bursts.

Designed to be light and accurate, what more can you ask for!