Maver Genesis Mono

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RRP: £5.99
Our Price: £5.99

Maver Genesis Smart Line

  • Genesis is the ideal line for pole rigs and is used exclusively and endorsed by the Maver Barnsley Blacks
  • It's incredibly strong for its diameter and boasts an impresive knot strength
  • Its clear colour reduces the visibility of the line in water and the controlled stretch acts as a shock absorber when your elastic is under maximum tension
  • Genesis is also the ideal hooklength material
  • Supplied on 150m spools
  • High linear strength
  • High knot strength
  • Perfect calibration
  • Neutral colour 
  • Ultra low diameter

Dia (mm)

B/S (lb) B/S (kg) RRP
0.10mm 2.64lb 1.20kg £5.99
0.12mm 3.96lb 1.80kg £5.99
0.14mm 5.28lb 2.40kg £5.99
0.17mm 5.8lb 2.470kg £5.99
0.188mm 7lb 3.08kg £5.99
0.21mm 8lb 3.67kg £5.99
0.23mm 9.7lb 4.37kg £5.99
0.265mm 12.5lb 5.65kg £5.99