Daiwa TDR Reel line

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Daiwa TDR Reel Line
  • The higher density of this new Daiwa TDR reel line contributes to its high level of durability and reduced stretch.
  • This makes it ideal for the regular casting of float and feeder work on high catch rate venues.
  • It also offers enhanced bite detection without the harshness of non stretch braids. Supplied on 150m spools it is the ideal choice for spooling up giving you that bit extra should you experience a couple of crack offs.
  • This Daiwa TDR Reel line is ideal putting on reels for modern carp baggin, it is very hard wearing and stands up to the strain of those 'baggin' days on commercials, it wont let you down and has a long life.
  • This Daiwa TDR Reel line is used by Will Raison, and lots of other Daiwa Dorking anglers, when they want to catch big weights of carp on modern commercials.
  • Available in 6 different sizes from 3lb up to 10lb to cover every situation from a small canal up to the most extreme carp baggin.
  • Another quality line from Daiwa