Tri Cast XRS 2K4 Power Carp Feeder Rod

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XRS 2K4 Power Carp Feeder Rod 10 ft 6 rod


  • To run alongside their Pellet Waggler Rods Tri Cast have this truly amazing set of 3 models of XRS Power Carp Feeder Rods.
  • Manufactured using Tri Cast's XRS ( Xtra Reinforced System ) these rods have to be one of the most outstanding range of rods they have ever produced at their factory.
  • Primarily designed for the Commercial fisheries these rods are a must have item. A lot of times you need to fish very close to the far bank on these fisheries and many pegs are now 16mtr plus wide.
  • Now not all anglers have a 16mtr pole, or conditions such as high winds etc mean you can’t fish at 16mtrs, and this is where these rods come into their own. You can with these rods, just flick a little feeder or bomb very accurately to these features and get your bites.
  • The blanks are pencil slim and weights start from a mere 156grms. This shows you just how delicate these rods are, but the total power in these rods will amaze and astound you. TriCast now have 3 models, a 9ft, 10/6 and 12ft, all of which are perfect for the commercial pegs, they come with two interchangeable tips and also a Swing tip Adaptor section which allows you to fish that method if you so desire.
  • But don’t just think these rods are just for big carp, because they are so sensitive that fishing for small silver fish using the light tip will show up even the shyest of bites. These rods has already been reviewed by a number of Angling Publications and, without fail, all have given these rods the thumbs up with rave reviews.
  • If you fish at a commercial fishery then this rod along with the Pellet Power Waggler rod is a must have item for your holdall.
  •  X2K4-F-5106 10/6" (3.20m)
  • 3 tips Y/P/ST
  • XRS 2K4  Casting weight 0/15g 
  • We have the 10Ft 6 Rod
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery