Tri Cast XRS Easy Reach Landing Net Handle 12FT 6

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XRS Easy Reach Landing Net Handle 12ft 6

  • For this season the range consists of 3 different models.
  • All of these handles are made using our super strength XRS ( Xtra Reinforced System ) manufacturing technology seen in our respected rod and pole ranges with the same brand name.
  • These handles come complete with double reinforced over wraps as well as brass fittings, and pins throughout as standard.
  • In keeping with the rods and poles these 3 handles offer the same attributes of being slim, light and deceptively powerful, just as every landing net handle should be, but also displaying great strength for such small diameter sections.
  • Initially the range consisted of just two models ,take apart and telescopic both at 8ft 3 in length. For the 2008 season we added a third model with the introduction of a longer 12/6 inch T/a handle. The first T/a model at 8/3inch is a 2 piece but also incorporates a unique 3rd section which is detachable end piece of approx 12 inches long you can pull remove when you want to put your fish into your keep net directly from your landing net. This is a lot a lot easier and quicker and you don’t have a great long handle stuck up in the air. The New 12/6 inch model for 2008 follows the same design, technology and performance, as the shorter models, giving you on both handles the added advantage of having another brass threaded fitting in the end of the top section where the short piece detaches, allowing you to use as a slightly shorter power handle when circumstances warrant. Both of these T/a handles pack away into the Butt section so no risk of leaving one piece behind.
  • The third model in this range is also 8ft 3 long, but is a three section telescopic model. This has a one meter push-in extension available for the angler who river fishes and sometimes needs that extra length to reach out in an awkward swim.
  • These handles are a perfect addition to any anglers tackle.
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